School Profile

The brainchild of Rina Rani Mehta, Florina Charm School was the first of its kind in India. Besides a post-graduation in Kathak dance, Rina Rani was trained at the Lucy Clayton’s Charm and Modelling School, London. Her school in Mumbai, India, was a rave amongst students from all over the country, and she nurtured each with immense care and soft-spoken grace. In each and every aspirant she inculcated a winning combination of inner balance and outer poise. She conducted many top-of-the-line modelling shows in India and abroad with models like Protima Bedi, Persis Khambatta, Annabella Crawford, Katy Mirza and others.

Under her wing, her daughter Saloni Duggal grew up to evolve from a child model at the age of three, to a full-fledged model as a youth.

She possesses a baccalaureate in English and Psychology along with a Law Degree like her father. Besides, she studied Hotel Management with the Polytechnic College in Mumbai.

A Kathak dancer and a Jazz Ballet enthusiast, she studied jazz dance in India, Singapore and the United States of America. After several successful dance performances in Mumbai, she partnered the famed dancer, Astad Deboo, in India and abroad.

Her Jazz School in Bangalore provided a fertile learning ground to many of her students, some of who went on to opening their own dance schools in Bangalore.

In constant quest for learning, she is also a published writer undergoing training with a Writer’s school in the U.K.

After attending the Florina Charm School Teachers Training Programme under her mother’s tutelage, Saloni has taken on the exciting challenge of bringing Florina Charm School to Bangalore, India, under its new banner –
Florina Finishing School

Saloni attended and received certification from the famous Modern Day Charm and Finishing School, U.S.A. with Ms. Gloria Starr. She has thus brought to her school the current American flavour to blend in to the international syllabus.

She has further been individually tutored and certified by
Ms. Zablith, the Managing Director of Minding Manners Finishing School in U.K.

Saloni has also attended the Diversity and Cross Cultural Skills Certification Program with HumaNext LLC, New York, U.S.A. She is now an affiliate with the American company, and utilizes the training material of the company in providing state-of-art Cross Culture and Diversity training to companies and individuals facing the challenge of working in a multicultural, global environment.

Today, Florina has achieved the perfect combination of European and American education offered in the Indian context.